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Best Meeting Minute App – Choosing Guide

The board of directors is an integral part of every company, during which important issues are resolved, discussions take place and decisions are made. One of the problems with these meetings is the loss of important details that could be decisive, so that’s why minutes exist. This official document is very useful not only to regulators but also to all participants, so the minutes should be available to them and saved for future reference. Meeting notes apps can help you with this, and in this article, we will highlight a list of the best meeting minute app.

Why do you need meeting minutes apps?

Meeting minutes play a very important role in board meetings. It can also be kept at any other type of meeting, but in this case, it is mandatory. It is controlled by the regulatory authorities, is due to keep for 10 years, and is an official proof of different actions of the company, in case it gets dragged into litigation.

Also, the minutes of the meeting are a detailed summary for those who want to refresh their memory of the meeting or did not attend it at all, and now he needs to quickly get up to speed. It is the so-called starting point for all future meetings, so it must be done well, clearly, and under the fixed requirements and format of your articles of incorporation. To make the plight of the person in charge of the minutes easier, applications for meeting notes have been introduced. Below we will highlight the best suggestions from the existing ones.

nTask is the best recording meeting minutes software

 nTask is designed for business project management and also offers a meeting management module that includes a high-quality meeting minutes platform. The app is quite easy to use and gives you the ability to fill out the necessary information before the meeting begins. Also, you can easily update your minutes whenever you need them. The program allows you to freely enter your notes, highlight decisions made and follow-up actions are taken. You can also convert these planned actions into tasks that the meeting leader can assign to the participants. With these management features, your workflow will be transformed and become more structured. After the meeting is over, the minutes can be available to each participant because they will be saved on the platform.

MeetingBooster – Overview

A handy tool for creating, organizing, formatting, and structuring an agenda is MeetingBooster. With this solution, you can easily change the direction of your meetings for the better. Plan and prepare for your board of directors with this app, take notes during meetings, and assign tasks. Collaboration tools will allow attendees to study and discuss the content of the minutes at the same time, speeding up the process of preparing for the next meeting.

Hypercontext – Overview

Hypercontext is another well-designed and useful tool for taking minutes. Of its main features, we can highlight features such as tracking the progress of tasks and any user actions, in principle, and the simple creation of notes. The developers also offer integration with useful meeting apps to better customize your workflow, so you can use Slack or Google Calendar at your discretion.

MeetingSense – Overview

Another business optimization tool in MeetingSense. Its functionality has everything you need to create a quality note or meeting minutes. The sharing capabilities, allow you to share minutes and other information within the space and organize the necessary processes and before, during, and after the meeting.