BoardPaq Essential Features and Functions

Manually handling physical documents is a tedious and thankless process that has a lot of disadvantages, slows down the work process, and takes a lot of time. The modern board of directors is well aware of this because they know firsthand what working with a large volume of documents is like, and therefore try to optimize work processes to simplify their work and save time. Fortunately, in the market of advanced technology, there is a solution to any problem, and the BoardPaq portal can help. BoardPaq is one of the best board portal providers, and in this article, we’ll do a full review of its capabilities.

Overview of BoardPaq

BoardPaq is considered one of the best tools in its field that can suit businesses of any direction and any size. It is a feature-rich, cloud-based space that provides the board with remote connectivity, collaboration tools, efficient features for accelerated meeting preparation, and proper security. With this board portal, you can turn a routine meeting into a truly productive process, thereby positively impacting your company’s productivity. BoardPaq gives participants the ability to better prepare for a meeting by accessing the server remotely at any time, reviewing material from upcoming and previous meetings, and studying statistics.

The app can be used as a handy companion during a live meeting, for taking notes, annotations, sharing documents, and voting, or completely moving meetings online as needed (e.g., during quarantine).

The vendor is also valued for its ability to reduce costs and provide a high level of security.

BoardPaq App – basic features

BoardPaq contains all the features you need to conveniently and quickly prepare and organize meetings, monitor the meeting process, and manage confidential documents.  Below we have highlighted the main features that the vendor provides:

  • Schedule Management – Traditional preparation for board meetings used to take up to two weeks, but with the BoardPaq board portal, the chairman and board secretary can more quickly and freely share documents, upload them to the shared space, and set the exact time and date of the meeting, create agendas using ready-made templates and ensure that all other participants see exactly and can prepare for the meeting thanks to automatic notifications and reminders
  • Voting- online voting and polling can be done both anonymously and publicly so you can decide a lot of smaller questions before the meeting even begins so you don’t have to spend most of the meeting time and leave it for more serious discussions
  • After-meeting management tools – the supervisor of the room can set assign tasks to individual members after the meeting and set deadlines. Board members, in turn, can use the space to work on their tasks in a fully leak-proof space. Supervisors can track each user action to keep track of progress
  • Branding Settings – A fairly rare feature among suppliers that enable you to configure your portal spaces to fit your company’s theme and brand
  • Electronic Signature – Sign documents no matter where you are, traveling, on the road, at home, or in another country

Additional features of BoardPaq

Additional space features include:

  • Powerful security – the provider protects your data from leakage and your login from hacking with data encryption and dual authentication
  • Flexible use – log in to the portal space using any operating system and device. The developer makes everything to make you comfortable to use the program remotely
  • Lucid interface – adapt to the program device in only one day, but if you still have any problems, detailed instructions on how to use the portal are provided